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JER Enterprise Pte Ltd ("the Company") guarantees this product against any material or manufacturing defects according to the terms & conditions as stated in the following:
  1. If at any time during the guarantee period, any part or parts of the product has/have been removed or replaced by a person or replaced with part(s) not supplied or not authorized by the Company, or if the product has been dismantled, repaired or tampered with by any person(s) not authorized by the Company, this guarantee shall immediately cease to be valid and become void.

  2. This guarantee does not cover:
    1. Installation/modification by person not authorized by the Company.
    2. Any defect arising from usage of wrong power-supply voltage, misuse, negligence, accident, unauthorized repair, alterations or modifications, Force Majeure, any other events beyond the Company's control or breakdown and damages resulting from sea, air, pollution or gas (including vulcanized gas).
    3. Consequential or incidental damages resulting from the purchase, use, or improper functioning of the unit regardless of the cause. Such damages for which the Company will not be responsible include, but are not limited to, loss of revenue or profit, downtime cost, loss of use of the unit.
    4. Any consumable or accessory (eg. switch buttons, grills, front door) unless the item is proven to be defective at the time of purchase.
    5. Replacement parts (IR lamps,UV lamps, HEPA filter) as these are consumables that are recommended to be changed at least yearly.
    6. Transportation, handling or delivery charges incurred in the delivery of the unit to and from the Company.
    7. Any product of which the model or serial number has been removed, altered or appears different from the guarantee certificate.
    8. Any defects caused by usage not in accordance with the operation/ instruction manual.
    9. All wear and tear/usage related issues such as corrosion, rust, stains, scratches, cracks or breaks for instances.

  3. Our decisions on all questions and complains regarding defects, shall be conclusive. Any product or defective part which has been replaced shall become the Company's property.

  4. During the guarantee period, all products which are proved to be defective under proper use by reason only of faulty design, workmanship or materials shall be entitled to local (Singapore) on-site support at one stated location of the purchaser. Please kindly email info@jerenterprise with the following to request for a scheduling of an on-site appointment:

    • Name
    • Address and contact number
    • Description of issue faced (photo could be helpful)
    • Model serial number(found at the back of the unit)
    • Date and place of purchase(if available)

We would like to share some basic HANIL UV Sterilizer Dryer maintenance tips to share with you:
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