Services We Offer

JER Enterprise currently engages in a suite of diversified activities with its roots as a principal distributor and retailer. It operates in conventional brand/product distribution across traditional brick and mortar retailers, as well as emerging channels such as ecommerce and corporate programs.

Distribution & Retail

  • The company focuses only on exclusive arrangements for brands and products it selects to act as sole distributor, either at a country (Singapore) or regional (ASEAN) level.
  • In addition, JER Enterprise also acts as agent or appointed sub-distributor for third party brands/products by leveraging on its successful strategy and established networks. In either scenarios, in depth discussions are conducted via a detailed due diligence process to analyze and established mutual fit before a partnership is forged.
  • Expertise in consumer products
  • Established operating know-how in large retain chains, supermarkets, department stores, specialty retailers and Internet ecommerce.


  • JER Enterprise strongly believes in creating long term value through effective branding
  • Whether as principal or agent, we seek to drive successful sales through strong branding efforts that will enhance the market positioning of the represented product, thereby distinguishing us from conventional distributors
  • We go beyond simply setting up and expanding the sales channels and/or retail points. Continual branding activities are planned and carefully executed.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Due to our success we have been approached by various third party brands for cross marketing and promotion collaborations.
  • Our strong market penetration and channels that we have built serve as valuable resource that our partners can leverage on.
  • Our growing proprietary customer and corporate database is another attractive resource that can add value to relevant partners, resulting in effective referral sales

Logistics Solution

  • Warehousing
  • Product labeling including label/barcode design and printing
  • Product packaging/shrink-Branding>wrapping
  • Delivery services (B2B, B2C) to central warehouses, direct retail outlets, offices and end retail customers. For more information please login to our Client Delivery Access